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Posted 8/1/2014

The regional committee of the WSCF-ME was held in Cairo-Egypt on Friday 11th of July 2014. Participants from Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan and Palestine were present to pray for peace in the region and to those who couldn’t join us in our Godlike reunion, our brothers and sisters from Iraq and Syria. 

To you Almighty God we pray 
For you have suffered on the cross and knew what it’s like to suffer
Comfort the mothers of the martyrs in our countries and especially Syria, Iraq and Palestine
Comfort those who are enduring injustice upon claiming their rights in having a decent life

To you Almighty God we pray 
To soothe the pain of our brothers and sisters, men and women, elders and kids who suffer on a daily basis
To give strength to the kidnapped ones, those who will no longer feel the warmth of their homes
To help those who bear the scars of painful memories in both their souls and bodies

Almighty God
Come rest among us and between us, in the hope that the homeless will find their way back 
Guide us and lead us on this rough road, for we willingly had left everything behind to face our tomorrow 

We pray for you with all the faith we’ve got, hoping that you build in each heart an immortal altar instead of all the destroyed churches

King of peace
Let your peace reign on our region so we live as one in harmony, peace and love, as you are one with your Father and Holy Spirit