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Message of the Regional Secretary 2014

Posted 1/30/2015

    Church and Society in the Middle East region are still suffering from all forms of violence and all extremism… From local terrorists to the Israeli state terrorism, our populations and especially youths, are victimized.  Iraq and Syria are witnessing the same in multicivil wars. The destroyed Gaza with its 2000 killed civilians, by the Israeli occupation, is still calling the world to be aware of the ongoing injustice in Palestine… But the Palestinians did not give up yet and the World’s conscience is getting liberated.

    The Church of the Arabs in the Middle East is still under pressures, stuck between two wars: the Israelis planning for a Jewish state and the growing Islamic state. The WSCF questions remain: How to be a Christian in the Arab world today? How to witness under terror? Who are our partners in society? How to partnership towards a new society where Christian values and noble Islamic values can be reflected peacefully in a just, democratic, society where women and men can equally build their social and religious blooming.

    Amongst the grim picture, we notice a point, a brink of light that is very important for it teaches us a lot. We spread among each other a tiding: In spite of the destruction, under the bombs and the notorious war, in Syria’s Damascus, a WSCF Ecumenical Youth committee was born. It witnesses Christ among the combatants. The same goes for the bleeding Sudan: the youths are preparing an Ecumenical conference and are willing to lunch an Ecumenical committee for the youths. Social media networks are filled with thousands of hits from participants who joined the activities of the Federation. This is the work of God, in a time we feel useless and hopeless every time we arrange an activity. However, every day we learn something new and perhaps, we spiritually grow. We raise each Ecumenical initiative, along with its dereliction to the God, asking him for love.

    Oh, Church’s youth. Oh, small herd, do not be afraid, for the Murderers cannot kill Love; they, even if they tried, cannot do for we have a Master who taught us how to proceed so we can build together, his temple in three days. Oh, youth, do not be afraid, this Arab Orient has a resurrection. We ought to stay put, praying together and prepare the Resurrection’s Mass. Let us put our hands together and start over, search for that road, leading to Jesus.

    However, in nowadays, Christian youth under all the pressures, still believes that being part of the WSCF, is a big challenge … and continue to pray and act together.